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“I am a veteran real estate agent who has represented clients from first time home buyers to the ultimate dream home buyers. In every case, it is my ultimate goal to be represented by professionals, as my trusted partners. In regards to my home inspectors, my clients have been pleased with Table Rock Home Inspection’s knowledge, punctuality, and reliable information they provided in their detailed reports which are usually sent to both my client and my team the same business day.  I trust that Matt and Jeff will represent my clients’ best interests in mind as well as find any defects that will protect my clients’ investment.”  

-Rob Renteria   

“Table Rock Home Inspections did a fantastic job. The inspectors accommodated our needs and schedules without question. Not only did they help put my client’s at easy with their knowledge of all aspects of the home, but they were very prompt with getting the inspection results back to us for review. In addition, they brought my clients beverages which added an extra special touch. I will continue to use Matt and Jeff for my future home inspections.”  

 Lisa Hockersmith, Coldwell Banker

 “Wow…Matt and Jeff were not what I expected! I’ve never had two inspectors show up to do one inspection. The entire home was completed in one hour and the report was one of the best I’ve seen from an inspection company. They looked good in front of my clients, which made me look good. Thanks Table Rock you have my business.”

 Alei Gothberg, Boise Premier Real Estate


“…they had an easy-to-read report for me the very next morning. They helped make me feel confident that I chose the right home.”   -S. Wallace, Boise

 “I would recommend Jeff and Matt to anyone! They found a few issues that I didn’t notice when looking through the home myself. After reading the report I talked to the seller and they had the issues (over two-thousand dollars worth) fixed for me before the purchase was final.”    -J. Brice, Horseshoe Bend

“Matt Halcomb is an extremely professional and thorough inspector. His full report had pictures and helpful tips on anything that could be a problem. I would recommend him to anyone”   -Pat Lipman, Eagle

“Table Rock did a great job on our inspection. Jeff was very thorough with his work and pleasant…Would definitely recommend to others.”   –
Michelle Brock, Meridian

“Matt found a leak under a shower that was not visible.  He found the leak in the crawlspace and it had been there for a while from the looks of things. We walked away from the home, but the money for an inspection was well spent.”   –Mira Ivettson, Boise