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Aluminum Wiring in a Boise Home Inspection

Saturday, August 6th, 2011


We did an inspection today and found a home in Boise with aluminum wiring.


We are often asked “what is so bad about aluminum wiring”.  Well, in some cases it has been linked to an increased risk of house fires. The house fires are caused by overheating at connection points.

When aluminum wiring is found, further inspection and evaluation by an electrical contractor familiar with aluminum wiring should be conducted prior to expiration of any inspection contingency to determine what upgrades are necessary or recommended. All connections must be checked for signs of damage or overheating.  

The connection points can experience overheating or become loose due to the properties of aluminum wiring. Upon fitting the wiring with special connectors and outlets, the wiring is considered to be safer.  

Even if you as a buyer do not care about the aluminum wiring you can rest assured that the person who buys the home from you when you sell it may very well ask you to pay to cure the hazard.


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